Steve Jobs Day and tribute song

When Steve Jobs sadly passed away a little less than two weeks ago, the world seemed to be in shock. We knew that he was ill, but none of us realized just how sick he was in those final weeks. What the man done has changed the world of technology forever, and it is for this reason why California held a special event called Steve Jobs Day yesterday.

Apple will also be holding a special invitation only memorial, which will be held later this week. Steve touched the hearts of millions with his vision of how he wanted to see our technology progress, and even though some say that he was a little ruthless, you need to be in this tough business.

Apple fans have taken to YouTube to upload their tribute videos, and there are truly some amazing ones. However, there is one from AzR that is moving. You have to watch the video from start to finish for it to have the full impact, but we do love how there are little reminders of Apple tech just ringing in your ears, more so when you plug your iPhone in to a charger.

Watch the video below and let us know if you think Steve would have been proud of how the public has reacted to his untimely death?