Social rant over Liverpool vs Manchester United results

Two of England’s biggest teams met in a showdown yesterday, and fans from either side decided to show what they thought by going on Facebook and Twitter in what can only be described as a social rant. The match between Liverpool and Manchester United did not provide the results that we would have assumed, even The Telegraph said that it started off slow, then was bogged down in the middle before coming to a grinding halt by the end.

It seems that fans were not that impressed with the Sky Sports coverage either, as they talked about Liverpool much more than United. They should know better by now, stay impartial. We do love it how a journalist will get slated for saying something negative about any team. It does not matter how bad they played, fans will always defend them to the end.

In an article on the Sun website Rob Beasley has been moaned at just for being a Chelsea fan. However, both sides have been saying that because the fixture was sprung on them at the last minute, this caught both teams off guard.

Some of the tweets coming in are very amusing, even comedian John Bishop has been having his say, and you can bet that it will not be anything bad about his beloved Liverpool.

  • Alan Ng

    ”They should know better by now, stay impartial.”

    That rather large Manchester United banner is slightly distracting!