Liverpool striker Luis Suarez shares on Facebook

We know what you are thinking, why do we want to keep talking about sport on OSM, well we cannot help it when football/soccer players take to Facebook to get their point across. In most cases it is just lighthearted topics, such as how a team performed during a match. But once in a while it takes on a more serious aspect, which is just what Liverpool’s Luis Suarez has done.

According to AP, the striker claims that he did not racially abuse Manchester United’s Patrice Evra. The FA has now become involved and has now launched an investigation into the incident. Suarez has said that he is upset over the claim, and that he has respect for all players. He said that we are all equals, and that he does not go around trying to create a conflict like a child.

Looking on Suarez’s Facebook profile you can see that he has defended himself; so far his post has had 68 likes and 29 comments. It does seem that he has a huge amount of support, as judging by the comments most are standing by him. We would not like to say if there is any truth to this claim, but we do not condone racism in any shape or form. We are now at a stage where this sort of thing should never happen.

  • Anonymous

    Evra if lying yet again, should be banned for life!!!!

  • fat sausage

    i truly believe that luis suarez is not a racist period. evra has to apologise because even when and everyone could see that when the ref spoke to them he wasnt even man enough to shake the hand that was offered but struck out at louis.when the ref spoke to the two of them why didnt evra say somrthing to the ref then. ???. evra has always had a chip on his shoulder with one thing or another. remember the world cup. wasnt he the one or one of a group of players who more than had enough to say about the french manager . might be wrong on that one so explain to me someone. thanks.

  • Cerasstar

    Right now there is no proof that it has happened!