Kindle 3 update includes cloud support

Even though Amazon is launching a tablet to take on the iPad and the other range of Android tablets on the market, they still have not forgotten their bread and butter, the eReader. You will be glad to hear that they are still making improvements to these all the time, and the news that the Kindle 3 is to receive an update that will give it cloud support has been well received.

The Kindle 4 already has access to this service, so nice to see that older model users will now have the same support as the newer version. It’s no secret that Amazon has a great library of content, something that has been out of reach to Kindle 3 users, up until now that is. The update is available now, and once you have installed the update you will then get access to your documents.

Most updates offer you improved features, but there are some cases where there is a trade-off with losing other features. However, according to SlashGear this update for the Kindle 3 is a no brainer, and will be hard for you to resist. The update is simple to get, just go to your home screen, settings, then if you see that you have an older version just visit Amazon to get it now.