Facebook passwords include favorite football teams

Online social networking site Facebook since its early days has now racked up over 800 million users and the figure is continually growing. One issue that crops up time and time again is that of privacy and how information at times has and is still falling into the wrong hands.

Today this continues with news from uk.ibtimes.com that identity fraud is still an increasing concern, with users’ personal information being taken off of profiles and used in criminal activity. A study carried out by CPP, specialists in marketing services, interviewed over 2,000 adults with results flagging up various concerns.

Facebook passwords were one such issue with favorites being used such as a beloved football team or player, a pet’s name, maiden name or a child’s name. If the password cannot be interpreted, then simple questions would be able to achieve this.

Even though users are warned about excepting friend requests that they do not know, a staggering 52% still choose to do so, this in itself can open a whole can of worms up!

To protect themselves, simple advice is available, examples of this include, setting a password that is completely out of the ordinary and using a different one for each site that you access, update privacy settings on a regular basis, do not use personal information to verify your identity and so on.

Tell us what you do online to protect yourself? Are you careful with what you post on sites such as Facebook, perhaps you do check your privacy and block lists already?