Audi’s 2014 e-tron diesel hybrid Spyder

Those that follow the various Motor Shows around the globe may remember back in September 2009, Audi pulled the covers off its latest concept based on their ballistic super-car the R8. However in place of the V10 petrol-guzzling powerhouse came the introduction of e-tron, all electric, all-wheel-drive propulsion.

Recently the e-tron name has reared its head again in the form of a concept Audi e-tron Spyder. According to Autoblog this small scale R8 styled model gains its power from an all-new plug-in diesel hybrid-electric.

While its looks show the definitive Audi lines, with more than a nod to its R8 big brother, its overall size comes in under that of the current TT.

Power comes from a pair of electric motors mounted in the front producing 89 hp, with the diesel introduction coming in from the rear and consisting of a 3.0-liter V6 TDI twin-turbo unit pushing out 296 hp. Obviously the diesel lump needs little explaining to convince us of its potential, but to keep you informed about the electric entrant its 69-cell lithium-ion battery pack are simply charged via the plug in port situated at the front behind the Audi rings.

Combining the electric and diesel fuel should see 600 miles between fill up. It will be worth keeping an eye on what will come out of the VAG camp over next few years, as this type of compact sports model packing performance and economy will be the way forward. Give us your thoughts.