Android powered laser pico projector from Seeser

In the tech world, Pico Projectors are not a new addition, there are plenty of them around, but today we can give you news about a new device that will set it apart from the rest of its rivals. A new EsPlus model by the name of Seeser has been announced and it includes, yes wait for it, Android.

Unlike others, the new Seeser includes a laser based projection system as Engadget explained, setting it apart from the traditional lamps that we’ve got to experience. With an output of 25-lumen, showing an 800 x 600 image of up to 100-inches in size the output doesn’t even have to be in focus. A 1GHz processor runs Android’s Froyo allowing files to be loaded via an SD card.

Gone are the days when the projector had to be plugged into your laptop device or external hard drive, the new Seeser allows you, the user to slot straight into the SD and move around your files using Android. A small screen as explained, will show what you’ve selected at the time, what we really like about the new product from EsPlus, is that it is extremely portable, and would easily fit into your pocket.

The only drawback we can see to the new pico projector, is that connection to the Android Market is not available, so unfortunately accessing apps is not a possibility. As to its price, this is something we will have to get back to you with, but reports are pointing to the new projector being available in the country of Korea. As to its presence in other countries, remains to be seen.

What are your thoughts on the new Seeser pico projector? Interested with the new Android inclusion?