PS3 Memory Causes Cross Game Chat And Rage Problems

In the console world, there are two roads that you can go down, one is to become a fan of Sony’s PS3 or the other is to follow Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Each camp will rave about their consoles various abilities, whilst trying to brush aside their failings.

One area where PS3 users are not happy is the ability to cross-game chat and the future doesn’t look good, according to Shuhei Yoshida at

The PS3 consoles memory or lack of it has been a talking point amongst the gaming world, and with Sony’s new handheld Vita console with increased RAM coming out towards the end of this year beginning of next, along with the Xbox 360 already offering cross-game chat, Sony is getting criticised for the lack of this very feature.

An interview with President Shuhei Yoshida at Sony Worldwide Studios has been reported on, with the PS3’s RAM being used by the game the system is running. In turn the console cannot cope with having the ability to cross-game chat. Sony has said despite many wanting this feature, that it will never come to the PS3. Yoshida stated, “Once a game gets RAM we never give it back. It’s not possible to retrofit something like that after the fact.”

Whilst on the subject of memory and the lack of it, game RAGE as a PC version, since its official launch on October 4th, has also been criticised. Players were up against a handful of problems of which an update has been released to help rectify the subsequent issues. In a statement from Technical Director John Carmack, he hit back by saying that improvements to the PS3’s performance are now limited and the platform has “tight memory” and poor “IO performance.” To find out more on this click here to head to

Give us your thoughts on the PS3 not ever having cross-game chat? Also let us know your thoughts towards the game RAGE and its problems?

  • Anonymous

    I want to talk to people playing the SAME game as me.   X-Game voice chat is of no interest to me.

    PSN already provides x-game text chat.

  • Zonewarriors

    Should not be a problem with any game, just lack of good programming.
    It’s not a pc like the xbox.

    Don’t want cross chat, don’t like it when people shout in my ear while i play a different game.

  • E

    mr jelly it doesnt force us to use cross game chat its a very good option tho i use most of the time but we can still talk to the people in the game and xgame text chat is just sending messages im a ps3 and 360 gamer

  • Cloud_3

    There are no problems with RAGE. Stop trolling.