McDonald’s cashier beating customers hits big YouTube numbers

When you spend a lot of time online you think you’ve seen most things, then pops along a video showing a McDonald’s cashier beating customers, which has not only hit YouTube but is also gaining in viewing numbers fast.

Every employee should not have to put up with the abuse some customers put them through, but then the question comes when is self defense enough in the work environment?

This video shows us the power that YouTube and other social networks have when it comes to showing what really goes on in the world, and that your actions are always accountable. Twitter and YouTube made this video go viral, and users are commenting on a number of issues the video raises, including the idea of hitting a women under any circumstances.

Certain moments would never come to the world’s attention without YouTube, and this could have been one of them. See the video below and let us know your thoughts. We wonder what the McDonald’s statement will be about this video, and the actions that took place in their restaurant.

Update: McDonald’s has issued a statement in regard to the assault, which can be found here. They said the violence is “alarming and reprehensible” and that the “individual involved” is no longer working at McDonald’s.


  • Anonymous

    I’d give that man a raise for defendin himself!! He was workin at his JOB and the two women came up in there actin like ANIMALS and attacked him. Those women represent a dangerous group of underclass ghetto people in American society who think they can act a fool and run all over errbody else in public with no consequences. Make an example out of em and put em in jail after they get out the hospital.

    • Nomail

      The news and the women dad is making the worker out to be the bad guy for his past.  He served his time and now had a job and animals attacked him!

  • Nomail

    This man should be the employee of  the month!  The drunken girls attacked him!  He did not attack them!