Google Voice Crashing On iPhone, Removed From Store

Poor poor Apple, it was hoped that the new iOS 5 software update would be plain sailing, but since its official release last week, Apple are still experiencing problems. Before it arrived, it was safe to say that a huge amount of users were looking forward to it coming, with many obsessed with its download times. On trying to then access it, users were met with Error Messages and at times some devices being bricked.

Today the problem lies with Google Voice and its app, the freebie allowing you to search by talking into your handset. Although the issue hasn’t arisen with everybody, some have reported crashing problems, which as reported, have been related to the app store showing the version updated on 17th August, this requires iOS 3.0 or later, so in order to get the updated version, you will have to wait for the fix.

We now know courtesy of Engadget, that the Google Voice app has been removed from the app store with a page cache left remaining. Senior Product Manager Vincent Paquet for Google Voice stated, “Our last update of this week had a bug that caused the app to crash at sign in. We removed it so it did not affect additional users until the fix gets published.”

One small glimmer at the present time is that if you have already registered your number, then the app should work if you’ve already installed it, but unfortunately new text threads or for the purpose of making outgoing calls using your Google Voice Number will not be possible.

Let us know if you have had subsequent problems with initially trying to get iOS 5 downloaded and the situation with Google Voice?