Waiting for Grand Theft Auto III iPad 2/iPhone 4S release date

If there was ever evidence that games for iOS devices were a little behind, then the news that Rockstar Games is to release Grand Theft Auto III for the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S further cements that. We do wonder why it has taken 10 years to release this game for iOS, but we are told that previous versions of the iPhone and iPad were not powerful enough.

As yet there is no official release date, but we do hope that it will be soon. However, according to IGN they believe it to be November 22, 2011, which is just two days before Thanksgiving – perfecting timing wouldn’t you say? What makes this news even better is the fact that GTA III will also be supported on the Galaxy S II and the Motorola Xoom.

Now original iPad and iPhone 4 owners will feel a little left out, because they have the slower single-core A4 processor, which is just not up to the task. However, Apple said that about Siri, and we have already seen one resourceful developer port it over to the fourth-generation iPhone.

Okay, maybe we are asking too much, the demand from a game is so much more than a voice command application, but we just cannot see how grand Theft Auto III differs from some of the other games available on these older iOS devices?


    Stupid article chances are the game will release on its release date of 2001 to mark its 10th aniversary,