Google closing more services: Buzz, Code Search and Jaiku

Google has launched a lot of services over the years, and not all of them work, although the search engine giant has continued to keep trying in a number of online industries, and this included moving in on Facebook’s turf.

Facebook has been in the sights of many companies but none have been able to compete, this was until Google launched their “Plus” social network. While it has a long way to go before they can hope to have anywhere near the amount of users as Facebook, 40 million Google+ users in such a short time is extremely impressive.

Thanks to Google launching so many services, some had to close that overlap. Today Google announced they’re closing some of their services, and on the official blog they stated that it’s best to “focus” in order to succeed.

You can read details on what services are closing and why here, which include Jaiku, Code Search and Google Buzz. Some people will be upset that certain services are closing, do you feel this way? Some of the services will become part of other Google products.

Google+ is pretty impressive and we look forward to Google adding more features in the coming months. Let us know what you’ll like to see added to Google+.