iPhone iMessage Update Answer For BlackBerry Business

The new iOS 5 OS from Apple finally became available yesterday, much to the delight of Apple fans that had been eagerly waiting for it to land. Although some had problems trying to download it when the time came, such as error messages showing up, long delays in finally getting it and so on, the new iOS 5 is now here to stay.

Comments on the whole have been good although a handful of customers have made reference to problems with iCloud, let us know if you have experienced any teething problems. With over 200 new features to speak of now, the new free iOS 5 OS is a key feature to rivalling that of its fellow competitors Android. Out of all the features that the software brings, we have given you five out of a possible nine that really will make a difference.

One such feature is that of iMessage and its this that we wanted to delve into. Incorporating a SMS styled app, instant messages will be allowed to transfer between any iDevice running the free iOS 5 update, this could be an iPad and iPad 2, iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 and of course tomorrow when made official, the iPhone 4S. But its not just the amount of messages and the easy transfer of them that matter.

Benefits also include the use of photos being swapped, GPS locations, short video clips and even the swapping of contacts from your expanding address book. iMessage also works not just between two people but as a group as well (group mode). This is when we can compare it to say the BlackBerry phone. Ok, so the name at the moment for some users, is not a word that can be used too often, in light of the recent four day outage that BlackBerry customers experienced. iMessage really equals that of BlackBerry’s BBM instant messaging.

Such as the BBM service, iMessage from the new iOS 5 will come with encryption for security and as added peace of mind, delivery and read will be receipted so you know that your message was indeed sent! Like the iPad or iPhone’s data connection, iMessage will use this over WiFi or even 3G instead of the mobile phone network.

Messaging couldn’t be easier now. Threads will appear on both Apple devices thanks to iMessage so if you decide to swap from one iDevice to another part way through conversation, the message will not be lost and you can pick up where you left off.

To set up an iMessage, this couldn’t be simpler. Open as ausbt.com.au reported, your iDevice’s Settings app, move down to the options for Messages, slide the iMessage switch at the top of the screen with the ON position. Activation will then appear with new options appearing on the Messaging setting screen.

Finding out more on this and other key benefits can be found on the link directly above. Let us know what you think about the new iMessage? Happy or are their parts to iOS 5 that may be disappointing? Did you have trouble initially trying to download?