BlackBerry Slowly Recovers: Users Compensated?

Users of BlackBerry have had a pretty rough ride for the last four days with services such as BBM and receiving emails a persistent problem. With no real explanation to go on from Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM), users quite rightly so have been frustrated and angry, to a point that some have commented that they will be looking for another device.

The problem with BlackBerry’s outage since Monday has been put down to a core switch failure within BlackBerry’s infrastructure, but if the news today is anything to go by, then they may be a light at the end of the tunnel, particularly for users within the UK. That’s no to say that others will start to see a resumed service, the company have said that Europe, India, Africa, US and Canada are all included. The problem was thought to have stemmed from UK headquarters based at Slough, but this was later cleared up when RIM’s Chief Technology Officer David Yach, said that a European site was to blame. Although services may be coming back on, the company is still facing a barrage of criticism, this falls down to their lack of public engagement.

According to the the, some emails have been reported as working with BBM back online with BlackBerry making a statement that a “significant improvement in the service” has been seen. With some 10 million users globally affected, the outlook for BlackBerry is not looking all that good, there have been users that are categorically saying that they will change their current device to that of an iPhone.

Something of which we spoke about on Tuesday, a day after the outage began, was that a percentage of users are asking whether they will be getting some form of compensation from RIM. On social networking site Twitter the trending topic on there appears to be the words “Dear BlackBerry,” with many people asking the self same thing. Celebrities such as Lord Sugar has tweeted, “If it was my company it would have been fixed by now.”

Share prices are reported to have dropped with Canadian merchant bank Jaguar Investment Corporation stating that RIM should be “broken up” and co-CEO’s to go.

In an official statement from Chairman and Chief Executive Vic Alboini it was said, “Management has failed to appreciate RIM’s competitive environment, which largely explains RIM’s declining market presence and dramatically reduced share price. RIM has become a reactionary company trying to compete in an innovative industry.”

Firstly tell us if you are back up and running and where you are? Would you like to see something offered from RIM?