Androids Virtually Given Away: Amazon Penny Pinches

Many of you will be toying with the idea of getting a new mobile handset and its no surprise to hear that the market is drowning in devices. With manufacturers battling it out with their specs sheet and prices, the decision of what to buy can be a little daunting. Smartphones for many are the obvious choice and even if you set your mind on getting a specific model, the price may be a little off-putting.

This is where online retailer Amazon may be able to help you. Remaining in popularity with customers, the site is now offering some pretty big named Android handsets for next to nothing and we mean nothing, in fact one penny.

Ok, so the company will not be just giving Verizon phones away willy nilly without enlisting limitations against them, but who cares if you’re picking up the new Motorola Droid Bionic for $0.01, or even the Samsung Droid Charge or HTC Thunderbolt. Contracts for the phones will still be present so signing up on a two-year contract will have to be considered, but if you’re looking to buy something which isn’t an Apple iPhone, then this may be an option.

According to Mashable, the list of knocked down priced phones continues on Amazon. In total there’s some 31 handsets to consider, mostly including Android’s OS, but there’s also the HTC Trophy running on Windows Phone OS or even three Blackberry’s thrown in to consider, that of the Bold Curve 9330, Bold 9650 and Bold 9930. For those of you that have lost track of the time, you may want to be reminded that the new iPhone 4S is officially released from tomorrow October 14th in countries such as the UK, US, Germany, France, Canada and Japan with others to follow on October 28th, we know so far that pre-orders for the new iPhone 4S have been smashing all existing iPhone 4 records.

Whilst we are on the subject of retailer Amazon, we just wanted to remind you that the new Amazon Kindle 4 is available to buy from today for a UK price of £89. The latest e-reader will release as a lighter and smaller version to its predecessors with a screen size of 6 inches. With Christmas just around the corner, it seems the perfect pressie.

In the meantime check out Amazon’s “Penny Pincher Sale” here and let us know what you think? Tempted, if so which one will you be purchasing?