iPhone 4S Distracted Fans Opt For $2 Galaxy S II Instead

With just two days to go until Apple’s new iPhone 4S officially releases, we wonder how many of you have already pre-ordered your device? A monumental amount of pre-orders have already been reported which is rapidly increasing, but we wonder whether today’s Galaxy S II news is about to change your mind?

In Sydney, Australia the new iPhone 4S with iOS 5 OS, which can be downloaded live today, will go on sale from Friday 14th October along with other countries such as, Canada, the UK, US, Japan, Germany and France. By the end of the month, others will be able to enjoy its success, with a total of 70 countries by the end of 2011. To entice customers away from purchasing the new iPhone 4S, South Korean company Samsung have set up a pop up store just a short walk away from an official Apple store. For the first ten people that enter through its doors for every day until Friday 14th, customers will be able to pick up the Galaxy S II for a jaw dropping two bucks.

According to Phones Review via The Sydney Morning Herald, since Monday the queues at the temporary Samsung store have been massive with people wanting to pick up a new phone for nothing. On Friday the store will be gone just as the iPhone 4S launches, so the advice is to get in quick.

What we enjoyed reading, was the story of two young lads who in order to pick up their new iPhone 4S on Friday, have been camping out come rain or shine. In order to be the first in the world to get their hands on the new revamped iPhone 4S, the two will be the first in line when the Apple store opens its doors at 8 am, as oppose to stores across the world including America opening theirs at 8.30 am.

One benefit amongst others to getting the iPhone 4S is that of its new iOS 5 OS with over 200 new features. This is something we’ve already reported on this morning, with news that it will go live today at approximately 10 am US time and 6 pm UK time. We know there will be many of you patiently awaiting its arrival, click here for more details.

As we said previously, the real shame this time around, is that Apple’s pure genius Steve Jobs is no longer with us to see the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 phenomenon. Click here to find out benchmarking results between the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S II and here for a basic overall specification roundup.

Let us know if you will be queuing up in Australia for your Galaxy S II or have you made your mind up to get an iPhone 4S? Also let us know if you are waiting for the new iOS 5 software?