Epic Meal Time’s Meat Cthulhu Goes Viral On YouTube

OK OSM readers, it’s that time again, it’s time for another YouTube viral video and it’s about one of our favorite groups of YouTube legends known to us as the Epic Meal Time crew. The new clip that they uploaded recently is the “Meat Cthulhu” and it’s gone viral on YouTube as all of their clips do.

Just to clarify a viral video, they are clips that are uploaded and then get a lot of views in a short time. This particular video lasts for 4 minutes and 29 seconds and so far it has managed to get more than 500,000 views since 10th October. Some of the other videos that we have been talking about in recent times include my personal favorite “Biker Vs BuckNorris” along with “The Leftovers.”

Getting back to today’s clip from the Epic Meal Time gang and the actual title… For those of you who aren’t aware of who, or what the Cthulhu is; we have a very quick explanation for you. It’s a fictional character that appeared in the short story titled “The Call of Cthulha” published back in 1928 in the pulp magazine Weird Tales. It is described as being an octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature and should you wish to know more about it then use this link. That is the influence of the Epic Meal Time crew as they have made a very strange video with some dance music involved as well.

We have seen the guys mixing things up in recent times with French Fry Week and the epic Zombie Meal Time. Now you are probably wondering where the Cthulhu comes in with this type of cooking show video, well today’s clip shows them making a meat loaf with various burgers as filling before adding the normal bacon weaves and then their magic ingredient of today.. Squid, that’s right, squid! This is a clip not to be missed so check it out at the bottom of the article and enjoy the rest of it that we haven’t mentioned!

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