Impressive Samsung Galaxy S III Outdoes Predecessor

Since its debut back in April of this year, Samsung’s Galaxy S II has been a smartphone that has taken some beating from its rivals. With massive popularity, yearly target of 10 million units already being smashed and news of yet more handsets on the way, it seems that this year may be Samsung’s and quite rightly so.

In order to keep this up which to be fair isn’t difficult, the South Korean company will be releasing the next Galaxy S device in the not so distant future, the new Galaxy S III. A while ago, we brought you news that the handset was indeed on the cards and news was pointing to the specs being much bigger and bolder, we can today update you further.

September 19th, our very own Matt here at OSM, spoke about the Galaxy S III releasing with the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS, which coincidentally was due to be launched today. An event announcing this and Samsung’s new Galaxy Nexus (Prime) handset was postponed, as a tribute to the late Steve Jobs who passed away last week.

As well as this, the new S3 was rumored to come with a 4.65-inch Super Amoled display, equalling that of the new Galaxy Nexus Prime, massive 10 megapixel camera compared to the S2’s 8 megapixel rear, 2GHz Quad-core processor with 1.5GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and so on.

Today over on Pocketlint via, the Samsung Galaxy S III has been spotted online with a very vague image alongside its supposed specs, which on looking at it above, have changed somewhat to previous indications.

First up the biggest change seen is that of the processor, which is showing a massive 1.8GHz Exynos dual-core, including 2GB of RAM.

The screen size remains the same with Super Amoled Plus HD technology, with dimensions rumored to be in keeping with the new Nexus Prime. A big change of camera size can be seen from the image, with a 12 megapixel taking over from a 10 megapixel. Other add-ons to benefit the user, are rumored to be Near Field Communication (NFC) allowing mobile payments to be accessed via a special reader in-store, as well as LTE support.

As the image from an internal private presentation is not clear and no official details have come straight from the horse’s mouth, then we will have to take with a pinch of salt.

We do ask though, whether the dual-core processor may change to that of a Quad, as previously, Qualcomm, providers for some of the biggest manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, HTC and so on, had indicated that from the end of 2011, beginning of 2012, Snapdragon processors would be upped and would be available as single, dual and quad core types. Benefits of changing, would include greater Adreno graphics and easy LTE connectivity.

Before we leave you to ponder over the Galaxy S III and its possible specs, we wanted to remind you to look out for other Galaxy S II versions next year, that of HD and LTE models plus for now, three US variants from Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile which all have slight changes. Also if a black version is not for you, then perhaps opt for the white and Samsung’s vast array of handsets doesn’t stop there. Others include the waterproof “Xcover” or even the smartphone/tablet device by the name of the “Note.”

Let us know your thoughts on the new Samsung Galaxy S III? Tempted, but how much is a realistic price to expect consumers to pay?