Epic Meal Time – The Leftovers From French Fry Week

We start this week off with the final clip from last week’s Epic Meal Time week where they were adding a clip each day to do with French fries. The final Epic Meal Time video uploaded is titled “The Leftovers” from FrenchFryWeek.

Just thinking back over the clips we have seen from the gang this week, first we had the French Fry Pizza Salad, then we had the Spam Fries Four Loko, followed by the Candy Poutine and then the Deep Fried Waffle Fries. Normally the clip that we would report on would consist of the guys pulling together with lots of bacon and Jack Daniel’s to make some crazy meal for them to eat at the end of the clip, this one is a bit different….

It starts off with them all going to a restaurant for MusclesGlasses and Furious Pete to compete in a Poutine eating contest, as expected they do pretty well! After about 1:50 seconds we get to a few bonus deleted scenes from the previous episodes showing the guys doing some pretty disgusting things and some funny prank calls.

So far this new clip has managed 1.4 million views in just 3 days making it extremely viral and there’s one bit right towards the end, when the host Harley does some really weird faces while he laughs… Almost Halloween style! All in all, it’s not a bad episode and we are sure it will keep on growing in numbers until their next clip comes out later this week so keep an eye out for a report. In the mean time, you can view today’s clip at the bottom of the article.

Did you enjoy the bloopers that they showed in this episode? Would you like to see more of them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.