Projected iPhone 5 Sales, Vicious Email & 4S Rumors

One of the biggest events of this year will be kicking off today, with Apple holding their iPhone event at their very own Cupertino Campus. Until officially announced, multiple sources are reporting on the device to be that of the iPhone 5 although, we shouldn’t really count our chickens until the news has officially come from new CEO Tim Cook.

Some have questioned whether the rumored fifth gen will indeed come to fruition or it will be a slightly tweaked iPhone 4, going by the name of the 4S. This seems to be backed up from today’s news from the, that images from a Vodafone site in Germany (below) are in fact offering new iPhone 4S models today, with no indication of an iPhone 5 in sight. Again yesterday we brought you news that within the latest iTunes beta version, code-names for an iPhone 4S had been noted, with images showing a new handset which in appearance had similarities to the current iPhone 4.

We’ve known for just over a year now, that the current iPhone 4 is still as popular as ever despite strong competition from new Android handsets. In terms of appearance, the new iPhone announced today may end up looking like its predecessor, but will be faster with an improved antenna (something of which plagued the iPhone 4 in 2010), with an improved camera. Comments from our readers have been mixed with what they are hoping to see from today’s announcement. Some are happy for its design to stay the same questioning why Apple would want to change it, whilst others want a bigger display and are happy for it to now be thinner in size.

One piece of news that has been reported across the internet today, is that of an infectious email making the rounds that will infect your PC with harmful software. The email offering details of the iPhone “5GS” should be avoided at all times.

Over the last week, our news has varied from telling you about new iPhone cases from Brikk, we asked just this morning whether you will jump straight in and buy the iPhone 5, or try out the new iOS 5 OS on your current iPhone first, news that carrier Sprint will be running with the iPhone 5 before any other and so on.

When the iPhone 5 as we will call it for now finally arrives, expected sales just in the first day, are reported to be in the region of 1.7 million with a figure of 100 million in 2012.

Let us know your thoughts on this? Firstly how do you feel about an upgraded version of the iPhone 4 rumored to be announced? Should Apple be solely concentrating on a fifth generation? Will you be trying out the new iOS 5 OS first before you buy a new iPhone?