New Samsung Galaxy Devices: Unfavorable iPhone 5

Since the start of this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, it’s been a job to keep up with constant news of devices that are either about to release or are in the pipeline, but one company and its products never ceases to amaze. Yep you’ve got it, Apple along with its iPhone, iPad, MacBooks and so on.

With the iPad 2 launched back in March, the next announcement we’ve been looking forward to is that of the new iPhone. With the iPhone 4 already over a year old and news of, if and when a new addition would be seen has plagued the internet for months. But today the rumor mill can be put to rest with an official event set to kick off on Apple’s own turf led by new CEO Tim Cook, who just recently took over from Steve Jobs.

As we all anxiously wait for the new device, its official name and specs, Apple may be getting more than they bargained for in terms of competitors. Samsung as many of us are already aware, seem to be the bain of Apple’s life, with court appearances and squabbling from both companies in relation to patents. Now as we’ve said in the past, Apple on announcing their new device(s) today, will have to bring something pretty special to the table in order to bypass stiff competitors, not just from Samsung but from Motorola as well.

With a new iOS 5 OS in tow, its hoped that Apple will be able to fend off other Android handsets, but worrying news for Apple today has manifested itself with talk that two new Sammy phones will be released just after the iPhone 5 release, bringing the current line-up to six. Bring on the new Samsung Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, these will be seen in the US alongside the Galaxy S II variants from AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile which is due in the next week or so plus we can add to this, by telling you that the monstrous Nexus Prime with Google branding is due to hit October 11th.

According to, the new Note is now officially confirmed for America with specifications including a 5.3-inch display and running on Android Gingerbread OS. Following on from our report on the 6th September, the Note is expected to release with a 1.4GHz dual-core processor, 8 MP rear camera and 2 MP to the front, 16GB of internal storage, Smartpen/Stylus and so on.

Next up is that of the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, with a new 7-inch PLS LCD touchscreen tablet running on Android’s Honeycomb OS, but with the benefit of being able to send and receive text messages as well as voice calls. Look out for this towards the end of this year bearing in mind that the device acts as both a tablet and smartphone.

Would you be tempted to come away from Apple with a view to purchasing a new Samsung Galaxy Note or even the Tab 7.0 Plus? Or are you an Apple fan through and through?

  • Shafey_963

    to confusing wht to choose n wht to go 4 but this new galaxy looks pretty good.