Epic Meal Time Day 2: Spam Fries Four Loko

YouTube is a hot topic on the Internet and it always attracts a lot of people to it with the sheer number of videos that get uploaded every hour of every day. It’s one of those places where you could get lost jumping from video to video watching completely random things that you never set out to. Today we are talking about another Epic Meal Time video, this time its day 2 of their fries week and this one is called “Spam Fries Four Loko.”

The Epic Meal Time gang are a group of people that we follow and regularly report on their videos, some that you might have seen previously include the French Fry Salad, Zombie Meal Time, the West Coast Burger Pile and of course the Epic Chicken Burger Combo. After watching the French Fry Salad we picked up on the fact that there would be a new video each day this week and so here is the second one.

The Spam Fries Four Loko has brought back their popular character MusclesGlasses and even more bacon that yesterday’s episode. The guys proceed to make all sorts for this one and as the title suggests, they use spam and a beer batter to make Spam Fries! The Four Loko bit refers to a can of drink that they have and they pour it all over their crazy, inventive dish.

As always you can expect the same popular things from an Epic Meal Time video, bacon, Jack Daniel’s and plenty of swearing that’s been bleeped out with a bird sound. This video has one extra point about it, we almost catch a glimpse of MusclesGlasses’s eyes but the guys edited that bit out! As always you can watch the video at the bottom of the article.

What sort of fries to you think they will make tomorrow? Let us know in the comments section below and look out for another report tomorrow for the next video.

  • Fiyona

    You can see his eyes in their older videos lol