Converting iPad Tablet Users: Amazon’s New Kindle Fire

With the likes of Apple taking charge of not only the tablet market but the tech news at the moment with its iPhone 5 release, it is increasingly hard for other manufacturers to get involved with their new devices. This has not stopped Amazon though, as we reported recently on its attempt at converting iPad users to their latest Kindle version the “Fire.” It seems that slate buyers could be convinced if the initial interest and pre orders are anything to go by.

We can update you further now with news of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire, now being officially announced with a list of what to expect from its specifications sheet. Priced far lower than Apple’s slate, the new Amazon device will include a 7-inch display but will be thinner than most other Android tablets such as the new Toshiba Thrive 7-incher. Unfortunately Apple still takes the lead being the slimmest on the market. Based on Research in Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook in terms of appearance, the Kindle Fire will include the same IPS technology also found on Apple’s iPad with a resolution as reported of 1024×600 pixels.

Along with this the new Fire will incorporate 8GB of memory, a dual-core processor presumably a 1GHz but it lacks cameras, GPS, 3G capability, HDMI and no microSD card slot. Although not known yet, massive retailer Amazon are hoping to bring in cloud storage, apps can be purchased from Amazon’s own Appstore giving users the benefit of having the retailer’s own content such as games, books, films and even music.

From looking at the specs, its easy to see how Amazon have managed to keep the price down with a tag of $199. Chris Burns over at Slashgear was keen to report that in relation to Kindle Fire pre-orders, the company have seen a massive figure of nearly 100,000 just on the first day. Officially the new Amazon device will start shipping on November 15th just in time for the Christmas holiday season.

It was rumored just a short while back that Amazon may be introducing a bigger 10-inch tablet in 2012, so its worth keeping your eyes and ears peeled to further updates.

Let us know what you think about the new Kindle Fire? Tempted for a Christmas pressie?

  • Bardhok Ndoji

    It may be cheap tablet and all that but there is no way in a world that thing would replace my iPad 2. As they say, you get what you pay for and i tend to agree with them.