BEWARE: Hackers Exploit Apple’s Event With iPhone 5 Scam

Apple’s big day could be overshadowed by a nasty scam going around involving the iPhone 5. Hackers are sending out fake emails which take advantage of the fact we do not know what the new smartphone looks like yet. In the phony email there is a very bizarre concept image which is called the “iPhone 5GS”. The rogue message will land your PC a Trojan virus if you accept its invitation.

The scam email claims that the iPhone 5 is out on Friday and offers a link so that you can pre-order it. Once you click the link I am sure you know what happens next, we recommend deleting any emails regarding the iPhone 5, share this article to warn others. The Apple event does not begin until 6PM UK time (10AM local) so Apple will not send out any emails regarding new products until after this. Follow the event via The Telegraph’s live blog and check out our top 5 things to expect from the show. Will it be the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S?

If the dodgy iPhone 5 image was not a big enough give away as to the authenticity of the email, the grammar may be. The text accompanying the picture reads: “Introducing the iPhone that lets you do more than ever. And do it amazingly faster.” Many people will be sensible enough to know this email is bogus, but the minor few will foolishly fall for the hacker’s tricks and fall victim to the scam. Make sure you, your family and friends are not punished by this ridiculous con by keeping a look out for suspicious Apple related emails and promotions.

According to Mashable, hitting the fake pre-order button will cause you to unintentionally install a Trojan virus called Mal/Zapchas-A. The malware reportedly only affects Windows devices, ironically Apple’s Mac users are safe from this dangerous scam. Due to the craze that will be caused by today’s huge event, we do not expect this to be the only scam that opportunist cyber criminals will deploy. Let us know if you have received any scams like this and any problems you may be experiencing.