5 Things We Can Expect From Today’s Apple iPhone Event

Today is the big day millions have been waiting for, Apple’s iPhone event! When a certain smartphone was absent at the Worldwide Developers Conference back in June, mobile fans worldwide were left let down. Instead of the mouth watering iPhone 5 many wanted we were given an insight into iCloud, iOS 5 and OS X Lion. However it was inevitable another event would be booked in. The time has come and here are 5 things we can expect to see later today!

The first one we know you all are desperate for is the iPhone 5 and we believe this is highly likely. Many have suggested Apple will only go for an iPhone 4S for now, it appears unlikely they would let fans down after the enormous hype created. All kinds of leaks have shown plenty of evidence supporting an iPhone 5 launch, Apple also need to keep up with huge Android rivals so a heavyweight flagship handset seems convenient. A new design, bigger screen, 8MP camera and dual core processor and white version all possibilities. We believe the 5th gen smartphone is certain, others have their doubts. How disappointing would it be for you if Apple boycotted the iPhone 5?

The iPhone 4S we just spoke about is another thing we can expect to see, albeit hopefully not as the main attraction. Apple supposedly want to start launching each premium smartphone with an affordable one to go with it. A modified iPhone 4 would fit the bill perfectly and would give cheaper Android handsets a real run for their money. Technically if the iPhone 4S did launch in place of a hugely revamped one everyone wants, it would still be the 5th generation of iPhone and could be dubbed the iPhone 5. Reported leaks from inside Apple’s product database show 2 versions of the iPhone 4S.

Apple said “lets talk iPhone”, when sending out invites to the October 4th event, are we going to get more than we bargained for? Do not be surprised to see them pull the covers off a new line of iPod Touches. It was been widely suggested for a long time that Apple would offer the Touch in white for the first time, running iOS 5 and coming with 3G or 4G support. Apple’s database apparently showed 3 versions of the “iPod Touch 5”, after all the normal September unveil was delayed so there is some backlogging to do. The event could also see the retirement of the iPod Classic and Shuffle.

We now go back to the tagline on Apple’s event invites, “lets talk iPhone”. This could be a subtle hint to another huge feature we will see from the show. According to the Washington Post, this could be reference to a new voice control system that Apple has integrated into the new iPhone. If this is true then the smartphone will become even smarter, allowing you to navigate and write by simply talking. Apple are famous for these kinds of implying catchphrases and we could all be on to something here. It certainly does not sound out of the question, this could make iOS 5 really interesting which we assume will also be launched today.

The final thing I think we can expect from today is a cameo from Mr Apple. I would be surprised if Steve Jobs does not make an appearance at some point, a farewell to the Apple stage as he takes up his job as chairman and leaves the keynotes to Tim Cook. After so many years of showmanship and ground breaking technology products, I do hope Steve shows his face and gets the heroic send off he deserves, can you see Jobs unveiling the iPhone 5 or quickly showing his face?

Apple’s event will kick off in California at the normal time of 10AM local time, 6PM UK time. You can follow the event by visiting The Telegraph and using their live blog. Let us know what you would and would not like to see from the event in the comments section. Is the iPhone 5 the biggest deal for you?