Storage iPhone 5 Amount: Three Options, Your Choice?

As we count the hours down to what is expected to be one of Apple’s biggest events of 2011, we wonder what tomorrow will bring. The new iPhone 5 handset is rumored to be the attraction of Apple’s “Lets Talk iPhone” event which will kick off at 10 am at the company’s headquarters, 6 pm in the UK and so on (click here for further time-zones). Many are still asking whether a revamped version, the (iPhone 4S) of the current iPhone 4 will run alongside the fifth gen or whether it will be tomorrow’s sole attraction.

For us here at OSM, months and months of rumor have nearly come to an end and as expected, in the last week or so, the news has heated up even further. Just over the last few days, we’ve brought you articles in relation to a strong possibility of carrier Sprint being announced with the iPhone 5, cases from Brikk and Case-Mate, news of Apple’s Covent Garden Store shutting early tomorrow, what some analysts are predicting in terms of specs and so on.

Features of the new iPhone 5 are rumored to include, a bigger display with a thinner appearance, 8 megapixel camera, A5 dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, NFC and so on.

Today according to, news has filtered through of the iPhone 5 making an appearance through Apple’s internal inventory system by the codename of “N94.” But what we wanted to emphasize is that in terms of storage capacity or memory if you prefer, the handset is expected to launch as a 16GB, 32GB with a bigger 64GB model, which could be compared to that of Apple’s popular slate the iPad.

With these in mind, we cannot say for sure that a smaller 8GB version will not be present, with an recent appearance of a SKU within Apple’s inventory system under the codename iPhone N90A. Another add-on to report, is that an unnamed source has come forward and spoken about a black and a white model being offered to consumers, let’s hope we don’t have the parlava of the white iPhone 4 coming to retailers. Months and months went by before anybody could get their hands on this very color.

Let us know as the hours are passing, what you would like to see from tomorrow’s announcement? What color would you be tempted to purchase and what storage capacity?