iTunes Beta Leaks iPhone 4S: Did you see it coming?

After a months of continuous speculation following not only the Apple iPhone 5 and also the iPhone 4S we are hearing that the iTunes beta has confirmed and leaked the iPhone 4S. It would seem like in this day and age, Apple who is normally very secretive about their releases have literally nowhere to hide. We want to know, did you see it coming?

Most people on the web are searching for literally any details they possible can for the iPhone 5, but is that the device that people will want? If they release the iPhone 4S on 4th October at the same price as the current iPhone 4, then they will push the price of the iPhone 5 up and people might go with the updated, upgraded iPhone 4S.

It’s widely suspected that the iPhone 4S will feature the same A5 processor that is also seen in the Apple iPad 2, upgraded RAM and an overall speedier feel to it. The current iPhone 4 isn’t exactly slow, meaning the iPhone 4S is going to be one heck of a device. Anyway, getting back to the point of this article, we learned through an entry over on iClarified that in the beta there’s a specific page that’s been created for the new iPhone 4S with images and labels indicating that the new phone is coming.

This would explain a heck of a lot as so many people in the know have been saying that the next iPhone will be an upgraded iPhone 4, but there have also been reports of a newly shaped device. For further details about how the iPhone 4S was discovered in the code of the beta head over to 9to5Mac where they received a tip off. They also talk about how this new smartphone from Apple will have dual-mode, meaning it will have CDMA+ and GSM.

Did you see this all coming or did you think we would just have the iPhone 5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


    It makes sense; instead of making a new phone they made their previous one work right…hopefully