Epic Meal Time: French Fry Pizza Salad, it’s ‘Fryday’

If you are looking for somewhere that reports on the latest YouTube videos then you are in the right place. At OSM we strive to find the biggest and best YouTube sensations that have graced us with their presence. Once group that regularly upload YouTube hits is the Epic Meal Time gang, their latest one is the French Fry salad and apparently that means today isn’t Monday… oh no, instead it’s ‘Fryday.’

We regularly talk about the Epic Meal Time videos where they make masses of food and then eat it. Some of the food is a little wacky along with some of their clip settings such as Zombie Meal Time, others that they have added include Big Stupid S’More, 12 Gauge Hot Dog, the West Coast Burger Pile and of course Epic Chicken Burger Combo.

Today’s video is a bit different, the gang is missing one particular popular member in MusclesGlasses but the video is entertaining none the less. As the title suggests, they are making a salad out of French fries and no greens at all, we see just about every different type of French fry ranging from curly fries to smiley fries.

As always there’s still quite a lot of bacon involved and we are quite excited by the start of the video where Harley says that every single day this week, they are going to make something with French fries! Imagine that, an Epic Meal Time video every day for a week… There’s a slightly unusual start to the video with one of the guys having sporting a bacon weave rather than his usual labeled hat. As always you can view the video at the bottom of the article.

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