Oct 4th Timezones: iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 Live Action

As the hours are counting down to what will be one of Apple’s main events of 2011, the announcement of what is hoped to be the iPhone 4S/iPhone 5, we have yet more news to bring you. For many of our readers who have been closely following developments of the next iPhone generation, its still unclear as to whether we will just see the one handset, a completely revamped iPhone device or one just slightly tweaked from the iPhone 4.

Specs have been rumored, some of which are highly likely and some of which could be seen in 2012 as well as suggestions of its price and possible carriers. Just today on this very note, US carrier Sprint are questionably the one that everybody is talking about, with an announcement that they will be running with the iPhone 5 when it officially releases with talk of unlimited data plans.

We already know that Apple’s media event is scheduled for Tuesday October 4th with a start time in the US of 10 am and 6 pm in the UK. In conjunction to this, we told you on Friday that Apple’s largest store in the world, that of London’s Covent Garden, will in fact be shutting its doors at 3.30 pm as oppose to the 9.30 pm typically expected, to announce the event’s goings-on.

Before now with previous launches, Apple have been synonymous with holding their events at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts Theater in San Francisco, Tuesday’s event named “Let’s Talk iPhone” will be held direct from Apple’s own Headquarters.

Some including us here at OSM, have questioned why with today’s technology, Apple may not be live-streaming the iPhone 4S/5 event, last year the iPod music event according to techpp.com, went ahead despite past technical problems.

So with this in mind and the possibility of it being live-streamed, what times can you expect the event to kick off and in what countries? Due to Apple’s restrictions, limitations are seen with users running a Mac with Safari on Mac OS X, an iPod Touch or iPhone with iOS 3.0 or above and iPads.

Possibilities of streaming links include LiveTechEvents and Twit Live TV, although this is highly unlikely, but its worth a shot.

Live Blogging links for those that have been lucky enough to get invites include big sites such as our favorites, Engadget, MacRumors Live, ArsTechnica Live and GDGT Live.

The times to watch out for will include in time order:

07.00AM – Hawaii
10.00AM – Pacific
11.00AM – Mountain
12.00PM – Central
01.00PM – Eastern
06.00PM – London
07.00PM – Paris
08.00PM – Moscow

Tell us where you are and whether you will be following any of the iPhone updates as they happen on October 4th?

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