Apple iPhone 5 Case-Mate Appears on AT&T Systems

Looking around at the smartphone market we are certainly due a new iPhone, especially since there are so many other devices on the market. With the anticipation growing rapidly about Apple’s next device there’s been some interesting news about an Apple iPhone 5 cases made by case-mate appearing on the AT&T internal systems.

Apple certainly need to do something as they are continually losing market share to the other manufacturers that have taken on the Google Android OS and it would seem the scheduled event on 4th October may hold the release of Apple’s new flagship smartphone. Over the past few months, like many others around on the web we have been trying to keep you updated with the latest news on Apple, but remember none of it is concrete because they are so secretive.

Some of the previous reports include speculation surrounding the actual price of the device, the components within it and of course, the many rumors of what it will look like. Getting back to today’s clues about Apple’s imminent device, we have heard through Ubergizmo’s George Wong that seven different cases are appearing on AT&T’s internal system with the original source of this information coming from a tip off to BGR’s Jonathan S. Geller showing a photo of the system listings. You can see it below.

The company being mentioned in the listings Case-Mate were guilty of uploading a page previously showing the iPhone 5 cases, since then that particular page has been taken down. Now they have another page up where they are apparently revealing some of the suspected information not only about the iPhone 5 but the iPhone 4S as well. If these guys are appearing in AT&T’s inventory then perhaps these details are true and correct… Only Apple really knows the answers, roll on October 4th.

What do you think of these details, are they an indication of the iPhone 5 being released next month? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.