Analysts Research Twitter Day / Evening Emotions

Online social networking site Twitter, since its arrival back in 2006 is growing by the day in terms of user numbers. This year as seen a dramatic increase with some 200+ million users accessing the site and of course the number is continually rising. With Facebook still holding first position, although user numbers may drop due to the new changes, along with new service Google+, its still a guess as to whether Twitter could at some point take over.

Previous Twitter articles we’ve covered have been a mixed bag, with users voicing their positive comments regarding the new Windows 8 OS or perhaps the new soccer game FIFA 12, birth and death announcements, Twitter’s integration with the new iPhone 5, how reaction across Twitter has and is changing towards the death penalty and so on. Today the news follows on from research that has been carried out, on how users’ moods can change on Twitter throughout the day.

Looking at a variation of some 509 million posts sent by 2.4 million users over a two-year time-scale, the study showed some interesting results. According to, mood changes could be seen dependant on the time of day, a particular day of the week and so on.

The beginning of the day which can be said for many of us, is the time when we are just about to do a day’s work and collecting our thoughts. Mornings resulted in many tweets signifying that users were happy with the day ahead, although this did change throughout the day, with stress levels being upped until after 6 pm, the time when many have finished their day’s work.

Across 84 countries, the research interestingly showed that despite the way in which we all live differently be it, cultural needs and where the country is positioned be it geographical differences, users still showed stress and anger levels during the same times in the day.

Other noted results showed that in Britain, Twitter users appear happier, confident with a better outlook compared to those in countries such as France, but actually people in the US and down under showed higher scores.

Give us your thoughts on just some of the results? Do you feel your mood changes on Twitter during the day and evening?

  • Sydney @ Social Dynamics

    I guess, it is inevitable. Especially, for the working folks, or even students. Our moods do falter througout the day. Although, I tend to stay away online whenever I’m particularly prickly. It’s weird to see it on my timeline after the day has passed.