Score With New FIFA 12 On iOS, Out Now

Just a few more hours to go guys until the new footie game FIFA 12 releases itself in the UK. Already available to buy in the US, gamers here have been waiting patiently for its arrival. In the last two days, here at OSM, we’ve been keen to keep you updated with all the game’s news, be it where you can pick the game up, as well as the variation in prices and that FIFA 12 is now available on Mac OS X.

Whether you will be queuing up outside GAME or GameStation or hot footing it to your nearest Tesco or Asda’s, we would be keen to get your comments, whether its to tell us where you got your copy or to give us your initial feedback towards the new game.

We wanted to add to what we already know, by telling you that FIFA 12 is now available on iOS devices and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store, so it doesn’t matter where you are and whether you have an iPhone or iPad in front of you, peace of mind can be restored that you can play the new game anytime, anywhere.

In terms of price, we can tell you that the iPhone version will cost £3.99 and the iPad slightly more at £5.99. Over at, its been reported that in the US the new game will cost $4.99 available now for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iPad users downloading the game, will benefit from using their iPhone as a controller.

With a change in football strips, teams, players, some 32 real stadiums, fantastic graphics and the way in the game reacts are all improvements from its predecessor. iphone users will notice this by the way in which Managers can now choose to let their team play in a match without having to control the players. Individuals or two people can join in with all the fun at the same time either going head to head on separate teams or competing on the same side.

As Chris over at PR News explained, there are downsides to this, the problem being that the game will have to be purchased on both an iPhone and iPad device. In order to activate the game on both, will set you back £9.98.

Let us know if you are an avid FIFA 12 gamer? Where will you be getting your copy? Are you tempted to buy it for your Apple devices(s)?