Apple’s Covent Garden Oct 4th: iPhone 5 Reveal

We now know that Apple will be holding a media event on October 4th under the name of “Let’s Talk iPhone.” Invitations have been posted out with a time of 10 am Pacific time with the UK seeing the event unfold at 6 pm, so everything is now set in motion for what is hoped to be the iPhone 5 arrival.

In the last few days as expected, the news has taken pace with analysts’ predictions of what the new handset will look like and include in relation to specs, talk of five countries including the US and UK having the new addition on October 14th, how carrier Three have changed their unlimited data deal in readiness of the new iPhone handset and so on.

Today the news, although still focused on the iPhone 5 unveiling, has spoken about London’s huge Apple Covent Garden store shutting its doors early on October 4th, with the event being live-streamed for the waiting press.

According to, Apple staff have been made aware that the store will close early at 3.30 pm instead of the usual time of 9.30 pm. We know from yesterday’s news that we brought you, that within the UK times, the event will kick off at 6.00 pm.

Apple’s Covent Garden store situated in The Piazza, London is the biggest in the world with devices spread across different floors. On entering the massive store, customers will straight away be in awe of the surroundings.

We had a quick look on its official website address, click here, to see that a schedule of workshops and events run from today’s date the 29th September through to the 5th October. Surprisingly when you look at other days barr October 4th, timings approximately run from 9 am to 7 pm, with the exception of next Tuesday, there seems to be a shut off time of 2 pm.

MacRumors has reported on the internal memo that Apple employees received which states:

Hello Team,

As we begin to start a very exciting quarter in Apple Retail, I am pleased to let you know that our Covent Garden Store will be hosting a keynote streaming event next Tuesday 4th October. This event will be a press only event and currently we have no further details on what will be presented. The store will be closing at 3.30 pm to accommodate this. This is a really exciting event for our store and we are passionate about delivering an outstanding Covent Garden experience.

Give us your thoughts on the much talked about iPhone 5? What would you like to see, are you yourself going out to buy the handset when it arrives?