Tweeters Give New Windows 8 Glowing Response

In the past here at OSM, we’ve spoken about various pieces of news on social networking site Twitter. Topics have ranged from footballers sounding off to other players, news of events that are taking place, music albums that are on the way, birth and death announcements and so on. The new version of the Microsoft Windows 8 OS for use on various devices such as PC’s, laptops, desktops and so on has been receiving a mixed bag of reactions. Seen as a preview some three months ago, a shipping date has still not been confirmed, many are indicating its arrival to be sometime in 2012.

So what benefit will the new operating system give you? Supporting Arm microprocessors as oppose to the traditional x86 microprocessors currently from AMD and Intel, will see changes to the UI, allowing benefits to be seen with touchscreen input added to the mouse, pen input and keyboard.

Rue Liu over at Slashgear has spoken about a new infographic courtesy of Mashwork which has been put together, using people’s reactions over on social networking site Twitter. On the whole, response to the new Windows 8, has been good so let’s have a closer look at what users are saying.

Between the dates of June 15 and September 22nd, an amazing 65,968 tweets had been shared across the popular site. Over 50% of these seemed to be in favor of the new Windows 8 Metro UI on comparison to iOS and Android’s OS. Comments centred around Xbox Live collaboration, the Windows App Store and Windows 8 speedy booting times.

By looking at the infographic expected features that consumers want to see resulted in some 20% of 5,049 tweets anticipating the new Metro UI, out of 9,196 tweets some 34% wanted to see improvements in boot time, 24% of 6,491 tweets wanted to see Xbox 360 integration and 22% out of 5,951 tweets stated other features.

Tell us what you would like to see?


    W8 is too boxy. i dont like the tiles