PUMPED UP KICKS/DUBSTEP: Another YouTube Viral Video

The time has come to step away from the latest in technical, mobile and gaming news and to step back into the world of YouTube and the viral videos that circulate on there. Now we have another video that could almost be described as the perfect video to go viral, it’s titles “PUMPED UP KICKS|DUBSTEP.”

Generally you can tell which videos are going to do well on YouTube, sometimes it’s to do with a cute kitten doing something funny or a group that have such a big following that people regularly return to watch their clips. There’s another way that I categorize them and that is by someone doing something amazing and that’s exactly where this video resides.

Firstly, if you aren’t a fan of Dubstep then don’t worry; this video in my eyes isn’t really about the music but more about the guy doing some crazy, stunning dancing on it. This is a dance style that has really been popularized in the UK through a lot of the shows such as Britain’s Got Talent where contestants go on the stage and show the world and the judges what they can do, in my eyes it’s almost like a development of Michael Jackson’s style but it has completely evolved.

There are points in the video where it actually looks like it has been completely slowed down or that is set to rewind, that is simply how good this guy is. Even if you don’t watch the full video, I would urge you to skip to around 4 minutes in and just watch this amazing dancer.

So far the video has managed 1.9 million views since it was uploaded on 23rd September and that number is continually growing. As always, you can view the video at the bottom of the article but make sure you leave us a comment and let us know what you thought of his dancing in the comments section.

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    Love the Dubstep video… wish I could dance like that…The song is goo too