Hardware iPhone 5 Add-Ons: Analysts Predict More

Today the news heats up even more in relation to Apple’s new iPhone 5 and what is hoped to be its launch next Tuesday October 4th. We know that a media event is scheduled to take place at Apple’s Headquarters on the date above with new CEO Tim Cook to host the much talked about event.

Yesterday we told you that invitations were starting to be pushed out to the media with an event name of “Let’s Talk iPhone.” Many are still questioning whether Apple will definitely launch the iPhone 5 on that day, but with so many people wanting a refreshed model now and the news at breaking point, Apple would be fools to not do so.

Today with the rumor mill in full swing, Cnet have spoken about a group of analysts who are predicting more specifications to add to those that we already know about. Right from the beginning, multiple sources have questioned what Apple will bring to the table, from talking about a larger sized display, thinner body compared to its predecessor the iPhone 4, A5 dual-core processor, 8 megapixel camera, iOS 5 OS, NFC, more memory perhaps 1GB and so on.

We know how much the iPhone range means to a great number of people and avid Apple fans have been waiting patiently to get their hands on the fifth generation and its not surprising. But for Apple to have any chance of succeeding, a smartphone needs to be released that will impress others to come away from the massive choice of Android handsets such as Samsung’s Galaxy S II or even Motorola’s new Droid Bionic.

Ok so going back to the iPhone 5‘s possible specs, we’ve heard many thoughts on this and are the latest predictions from analysts any different? Apart from the ones already mentioned above, Chris Witmore at Deutsche Bank Equity Research also thinks that the new generation will launch with an aluminium unibody construction.

Over at Rodman & Renshaw, analyst Ashok Kumar thinks that the iPhone 5 will unfold better graphics silicon, with Gene Munster at Piper Jaffray stating that speech based features will be the big inclusion.

One feature that will no doubt be missing from this year’s announcement will be that of 4G support, this is something that Apple may fall down on, but its hoped as Kumar stated, that Apple devices will come with it sometime next year.

Tell us whether you are waiting for the new iPhone 5 and what out of the rumored specs, you are hoping to see? Realistically what would you be willing to pay for the new model? Keep checking back with us for more iPhone 5 updates.