New Epic Meal Time: Big Stupid S’More!

We love to report on the latest in YouTube videos that are classed as either viral or ones that we know will end up with millions of views. There are some things that you just know are going to get viewed a lot and sometimes you know because they are from a group that have a large following such as the Epic Meal Time guys who have a new video called “Big Stupid S’More!”

Some of the previous videos that we have reported on from the Epic Meal Time crew include their last video Zombie Meal Time, the 12 Gauge Hot Dog, the West Coast Burger Pile and of course the Sausage Fest! All of these videos have exceeded the 3 million views marker with some of them getting even more than that, it just goes to show how much a following these guys have.

Last week’s video certainly caused some controversy amongst their fans with some people saying they have veered too far away from what they are known for and others giving them credit for mixing it up a bit and giving the world something different. I say kudos to them as they are creative and they like to have something different every week, it keeps things fresh!

Moving onto today’s video, this is perhaps one of the sickliest things I have ever seen, so god only knows how they managed to eat it. The video starts off by saying they will be doing some camping… in their back yard and all because he has “Xbox to play.” As always there’s a lot of bacon, some Jack Daniel’s and in this video, the vital ingredients of chocolate and cookie dough.

The top comments at the time of writing the article are referring to a brief comical moment at around 1:25 where MusclesGlasses is actually taking a leak on the camp fire… Only there are two streams! As always you can view the video at the bottom of the article.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are the guys back to their best or do you think they should carry on mixing things up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.