New Facebook Shows Friends You’ve Lost

Just two days ago, we brought you news on what you can expect to see from Facebook’s new announced layout “Timeline,” which will start to take effect soon. Along with users now having a better and enhanced sharing experience by way of listening to music, app sharing with games, videos and so on, profile pages will be organised into a history of your Facebook by way of a scrollable page, listing the most recent updates at the top with previous at the bottom. This could be with photos, videos and even music that you’ve listened to at some point. But with Facebook changing their look, will it deter users to change over to Twitter or even Google’s+ service.

Another feature to expect from the new refreshed Facebook, whether you agree or disagree with it, is the fact that people that have decided to “defriend” you in the past will now be known to you. If at times, you’ve noticed you’re friends list dwindling in numbers but cannot understand who has decided to ditch you, then now may be the time that you can find out.

The way in which you can find out who is no longer on your friends list, works when according to the Daily Mail via Meghan Peters at Mashable, you can view your friends tab, look at the Add Friend button from an individual in that list and from then onwards, it will tell you whether they have indeed defriended you.

For reasons which are probably unbeknown to you, friends can suddenly decide to scrap you off their friends list, this could be just something completely innocent in that they have come off of Facebook, they may decide through speaking to somebody else that they don’t value the friendship enough and so on.

At the end of this article we will be giving you the option of expressing your feelings towards the new Facebook changes, whether you like or dislike them? Over at they reported that a survey had just been carried out of over 1,000 people courtesy of social voting site Sodahead. A staggering 86% disliked the new changes and this could be seen from a varied age group. A massive 91% of teenagers said they didn’t like the new revamped site whilst 79% of young adults disapproved, 89% of women were disappointed with the changes compared to just 78% of men.

On the flip-side to this, IT tech employees were reported to actually like the new version with 55% expressing their feelings.

Tell us where you stand with the “defriending” feature? Is it something that intrigues you?

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  • Anonymous

    Hate em. They’ve rendered it useless for me. I haven’t posted a status in weeks, the entire site is just a mess. What happened to my top news? Only god knows. Now i have this “intuitive” little triangle in the corner of each status.