Hats Off: Samsung Galaxy S II 10 Million Achieved

When releasing a device, mobile phone manufacturers have an expected sales figure in mind, but when it comes to it the proof is always in the pudding. This can be said for South Korean company Samsung. By the end of 2011 and let’s face it, there’s not too much longer to wait, Samsung would have bought out a mass of devices including the popular Galaxy S II which was first debuted back in April.

At the start of its journey, it became apparent fairly quickly that the new Sammy would be a hit and before long, it seemed to set the wheels in motion for other manufacturers to follow. With an official release just a short while back, the phone has been wowing a global audience which surprisingly didn’t include the US. Samsung are now happy to announce that the yearly figure of 10 million sold units has now been achieved and we haven’t even got to the end of September.

According to bangkokpost.com, figures of the phone that took over from the first Samsung Galaxy S, doubled in just two months after achieving the 5 million mark in July. In a statement from JK Shin, head honcho for Samsung’s mobile device unit said, “In just 5 months the Galaxy S II has seen tremendous growth, reflecting strong support from carrier partners.”

When the figures are looked at in more detail, it seems that in the Galaxy S II’s home country, the device has sold a staggering 3.6 million, with 3.4 in Europe and 2.3 million in the rest of Asia. Despite continuous battles with rival Apple which have landed both companies in court, Samsung have a reason to celebrate but will it be short-lived with Apple’s iPhone 5 due to be announced at the beginning of next month.

Rumor has it that a media event has been scheduled in on the calendar for an October 4th announcement and just today, we brought you news that Twitter will be hosting two events to discuss the new iOS 5 OS which will be implemented into the new iPhone 5. Some are predicting the new Apple device to be at retailers around the 15th.

To add to the black global Galaxy S II smartphone, a white version is now available to buy, news of a faster LTE model is rumored to be out next year and three variants of the device have hit or are about to in the States. Carrier Sprint already have their Epic 4G Touch model out for consumers with AT&T rumored to be bringing their Attain out on October 2nd, with T-MobileUSA holding a September 26th event to announce their Galaxy S II X.

Tell us have you already got the new Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone? Let us know if you are in the US and what version you have picked up, perhaps you have a white version or are waiting for the new LTE next year?