Droid Bionic vs New Motorola LTE: Harder Options?

One of Motorola’s impressive devices to come out of this year will no doubt be that of the Droid Bionic. A phone that we’ve covered on numerous occasions before it arrived, on release and even after, may just be about to get an awakening call, but from its very own makers, Motorola.

Already snapped up by many of you, the Droid Bionic has come with mixed reaction, the percentage being of a good response. Criticism that seems to be a main focal point is that of the handset’s battery life, something of which Motorola are fully aware of and looking to rectify. With others offering similar if not the same specifications, its a job to know how long the Bionic will stay popular.

Over this weekend, its been rumored that another handset is coming to Motorola’s line-up, possibly blowing the Droid Bionic completely out of the water. Although the name is somewhat of a mystery with alternatives circling such as the Spyder or even Droid RAZR, the features are definitely in a class of their own.

Matching that in display size to the Droid Bionic, the new LTE device will come with a 4.3-inch, but what makes it stand out from other rivals, is the inclusion of it being a qHD Super Amoled screen. As Cnet pointed out, its not the first time that qHD and Super Amoled have been used separately on other branded smartphones, but its the collaboration of the two that will be a world first!

Rumored to then have an impressive screen giving a sharp, crisp and bright display and being protected by Gorilla Glass and Kevlar, the new Motorola will include a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, bigger than that of the Bionic, 1GB of RAM, 8 megapixel rear camera with 1080p and as Engadget stated a High Definition front-facing. Added to its specs, the new Moto will already have accessories to speak of including a laptop dock by the name of Lapdock 100.

As to its price and official release date, this we will have to keep you updated on. If you’re still a little unsure with what purchase to make, then let us tell you about one retailer that is selling the Droid Bionic for a small $100. News came in yesterday that online AmazonWireless.com are in fact retailing the handset for $149.99 but with a $50 gift card, it then brings the handset down to $100.

Let us know what you think about Motorola’s new Spyder or Droid RAZR as it may be known? Have you yourself already got the Droid Bionic and if so what are your impressions on it, good or have your expectations of it been dashed?

  • Anonymous

    Very happy with the bionic

  • Kh-427

    Very disappointed!
    Battery life is only about 3-4 hours with moderate use
    Have spent about 14 hours on phone with verizon and motorola reps this past week and nobody has neen able yet to help me sync my Outlook data with the phone
    Also cannot connect to wi-fi