The Muppets Puppeteer “Jim Henson” 75th Google Doodle

One of our favorite pieces of news to report on, is that of the latest Google Doodle. To celebrate an individuals birthday or anniversary of an event, Google’s homepage image can change from time to time. Past Doodles have been seen such as the celebration of music sensation Freddie Mercury who would have been 65, Botanist Gregor Mendel and what would have been his 189th birthday, Robert Bunsen who of course invented the Bunsen Burner, guitarist Les Paul and so on. Today its the turn of The Muppets and its inventor/puppeteer Jim Henson.

As you can see from the Google Doodle below, the letters have formed Muppet animated characters, which if you click onto them move. To celebrate Jim Henson’s 75th birthday who brought the famous characters to our TV screens, Google got together with Henson’s actual Digital Puppet Studio to form what we can see today. Mashable also reported that the work that went into the Doodle can be seen over on

Art Director at the Jim Henson Company “Mel Horan” was keen to comment by saying, “It’s so fitting since Jim was such a prolific doodler. His creative process began with a single doodle and evolved into these amazing characters he brought to life. We tried to capture that and merge it with Google’s logo.”

What we enjoyed reading courtesy of Metro was the statement that Henson’s son made. He said, “Every day for him was joyously filled with the surprises of other people’s ideas. I often think that if we all lived like that, not only would life be more interesting, we’d all be a lot happier.”

So what do we know about the history of The Muppets? Back in 1954-55, the characters started to be invented with the name Muppet appearing in 1956 with two names Marionette and Puppet making up the word that we know today. According to wikipedia, The Walt Disney Company bought the Muppets back in 2004, although characters from Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock were not allowed to be sold. Something that we have spoken about is that of the new movie coming in November of this year titled The Muppets: Green With Envy, you can see the trailer below.

Let us know what you think about the new Google Doodle today? We have to say its one of our favorites!