Social Street Gaming: Angry Birds May Come To Starbucks

An unlikely partnership could soon be formed, smash hit game Angry Birds and coffee giant Starbucks. Rovio who develop the game are reportedly in talks with Starbucks over a deal which could see Angry Birds as a playable game on large displays installed in participating outlets. What better way to kill time than to sit slurping a cappuccino whilst slingshotting a variety of destructive birds at pigs who are hiding in structures?

Why are Starbucks wasting their time doing this when we can just play on our smartphones you may be saying? The catch with this experience is that you will be competing against fellow customers. According to The Guardian, the high street giant is planning to introduce a huge leaderboard to rank visiting consumers. The social gaming will see the public competing against each other, a great feature that could create many new customers.

Starbucks attracts millions of customers worldwide each day, people of all ages and walks of life. Introducing Angry Birds to new people old and young could prove a big deal for Rovio, as they look to expand on their insanely popular game which has been downloaded over 350 million times. Social media is a huge part of today’s generation with networks like Facebook and Twitter being designed to stay in touch. Starbucks is in fact, the most checked in to location on Facebook Places. Bringing a new kind of social experience out to the public could open the eyes of other generations to people’s modern habits.

Angry Birds has smashed past the barrier of just being a game, they sell tons of merchandise ranging from docking stations to plush dolls. These are often used as prize giveaways and it could be a clever strategy for Starbucks to offer such prizes to customers for completing various challenges and beating scores. The incentive to keep vising Starbucks for your daily cup of coffee and a quick bout on Angry Birds with the chance of a prize could be a very appealing one for all parties.

Angry Birds was taken to a new social level with “Magic” which integrated the game with NFC. It involved players interacting with their smartphones to unlock new levels. So far the coffee firm has cooled the situation by saying they are always looking to develop new partnerships but so far have “no announcements regarding any work with Rovio Entertainment“. Would you abandon your current coffee outlet and make the extra effort for Starbucks so that you can play Angry Birds? Let us know your thoughts on this idea by leaving a comment.