New Facebook 2011 / 2012 Synopsis: Your Thoughts?

Following on from yesterday’s massive Facebook F8 Developer Conference hosted in the US, we wanted to bring you an overall synopsis of what was announced and what changes you can expect to see tail end of this year, beginning of 2012. The new features across Facebook will play an instrumental part of how you communicate with your friends and will enable, you the user to see more of what you want on Facebook and less of what you don’t.

A complete new layout for Facebook will present itself towards the end of 2011 with as Slashgear reported new functions which have been named “Timeline,” as well as a new way of accessing and using apps across a whole host of platforms.

First up starting with Timeline that we’ve only just mentioned. The new announced layout will appear on your profile page which in turn will give a more organised set-up, it will collate everything you have in Facebook’s history and put it into one scrollable page. Organisation of updates, photo albums, events and so on will all be sorted into a collection of boxes which can be added to at any time. Most recent will appear at the top with previous making their way down the page with the bottom event being when you arrived into the world, your date of birth!

In a way, it could be compared to that of Google+ Circles, so much so that items are individually grouped for example, photos that you have put on and been tagged into, apps which have to be added and so on. It will still be made possible to keep those pieces of information hidden from prying eyes.

Next up is that of Facebook’s Open Graph. As Pocketlint explained, this new feature allows an easier way of using and sharing applications. It has been sub divided into three called “Frictionless Experiences,” the next “Realtime Serendipity,” and lastly “Finding Patterns.” By using the new Open Graph, apps such as music, games, video and social can be sorted into their category which can then be passed to friends and so on. Ok, so sharing such as the playing of social games, has been used in the past but not to this extent. For example if you have a favorite piece of music and someone else wants to share it, for instance on platform Spotify, this can be carried out.

We wanted to just touch on the feature of Social Apps, which if opened up within your Facebook page, can then be used outside of your internet connection. Examples as Slashgear pointed out could be that a new food app called Foodspotting, which enables information such as images of the food, the type of food it includes and so on to be reported back to you via Facebook. Check out the embedded video below to get a better understanding.

Many have been encouraged by Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of giving users a better sharing experience. Partnering up with the popular Facebook will be that of Spotify, Zynga, Playfish, Digg and so on.

For those wanting to get a feel for the new Facebook Timeline experience, Mashable have given a basic step by step guide to get there.

Let us know how you get on. Tell us what your thoughts are regarding the new Facebook features? Was it about time we had some new changes or would you prefer the old set-up? Judging by some of the comments presently across Facebook, many of you would like the site to stay as it is?