Major Part Of Xbox 720 & Sony PS4 Could Be 3D

It seems that many have now calmed down over the prospect of having an Xbox 720 or PS4 launched in 2012. Various rumors indicated that either Microsoft or Sony would boldly release their next gen console to compete with Nintendo’s Wii U. The most likely release period now looks to be 2013 onwards and you can bet that 3D will be a big part of these gaming devices.

T3 has been speaking to Paul Jeal, senior producer of racing game F1 2011. The developer has been speaking about 3D but does not expect next year’s edition of their game to feature 3D support. The reason is that he believes more gamers will be interested in a next gen console rather than playing in the third dimension. Jeal did however say that the company had plans for the technology in the future: “I think if we use it in the right places with bits of damage or debris flying out of the screen it could work. Perhaps it’ll help you gage the braking distances better with the car in front.”

With this in mind, could it be that Codemasters will wait for the Xbox 720 and PS4 to launch before implementing 3D support into their games. Almost every video game can be made with 3D support but currently only selected developers are doing it, Treyarch with Call of Duty: Black Ops being the most notable. It is possibly the lack of 3D gaming demand, or rarity of 3D TVs in households which is the reason some game makers are shying away from it. Jeal did however say that “3D could be ranked up top” when it comes to the next generation consoles, we agree with him on that one. What would you like from the future consoles? How about a hybrid which supports cross platform gaming?

Rumors so far have included the Kinect motion control technology
built into the new devices, image this with 3D. Playing a shooter game with your body movements whilst bullets and debris fly around your lounge, imagine it! Cinema Blend believes that we will not see the new consoles until the holiday season of 2013 as it would be poor to launch it so early- a few years being a better business plan for both companies. It appears at the moment that loads of us are still satisfied with our Xbox 360s and PS3s so lets just wait a few years and let Microsoft and Sony thrill us. Let us know if you would like to see 3D as the focal point of the PS4 and Xbox 720 in the comments section.