If Apple Launch iPhone 4S, Android War Will Heat Up

The Apple event is drawing nearer and we will finally discover what exactly they have up their sleeve. The iPhone 5 appears to be a dead certainty but after Al Gore’s slip of the tongue we could be getting more than 1 device unveiled at the mobile show. If like many predicted and Apple launch a more affordable model in the iPhone 4S, then the smartphone war between themselves and Android will really heat up!

Android devices come in many different forms, suiting all kinds of people on different budgets. Many of the manufacturers who use Android to power their phones offer handsets with ranging price points. The flagship smartphone can range anywhere from £300-£600 with the lower end models being available from between £100-£300 on pay as you go deals. All sorts of contracts come with the smartphones, suiting the preference of the customer. This variety is the reason Android is the most used operating system on the planet.

Apple as you know have offered 4 iPhone generations so far and they have all been high end with a high price point. Android has the advantage in that it runs on several manufacturer’s handsets, where Apple make their own software and put it into their devices. In a way when you look at Apple’s sales figures and how close they are to Android, it is very impressive given the circumstances. We spoke yesterday about how the iPhone 5 hype is taking the attention off of AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II launch. What Apple need to do to really spice things up in the smartphone war- is to launch a premium and affordable model with the iPhone 5, so consumers have a choice and option to mirror their budget.

Doing this will then create more competition for Android’s affordable smartphones like the HTC Wildfire and Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini. Not only that, it will put pressure on RIM’s BlackBerry and the minor threat that is Windows Phone 7. The potential iPhone 4S would be available at a competitive price, almost identical to the current iPhone 4 but for a few changes. iPhone demand is very high and I could see many opting for a cheaper one than some of its rival’s goods. Can you see Apple pulling the curtain off of more than 1 device come October 4th? Let us know in the comments if you would go for a lower end more affordable iPhone.