Survey Shows Social Media Incentive Assists Rich Purchases

Social media as its known has gained in popularity and many people, whether its individuals or organisations are starting to take it on and hopefully see its benefits. Here at OSM our news varies on a day to day basis, whether its giving you the readers, updates to the latest devices in the tech world, talking about a footballer that has taken to Twitter and having a good old rant, or giving you ideas of how you can take on the challenge of social media and see its long term effects.

When we talk about social media it can be from using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. Advertising and marketing either oneself or a company is a fantastic way of getting known to the general public. It can increase numbers of customers to a brand with a long term benefit of increased sales and revenue. Today according to a survey from “Unity Marketing” even the richest consumers amongst us are using social media to find and purchase those all expensive products.

The survey looked at US consumers’ shopping habits and social media use over the last year, with results showing that by using websites and gaining feedback, allowed consumers to make an informed choice. According to, over 50% of consumers with investible assets equalling or toping $1 million were more likely to gain comments or general information from social media sites, with 56% saying that social media influenced them in what stores they shopped in and 57% actually buying a luxury item.

Similar results were also seen for those with a yearly income of $250,000, with just over half saying that social media gave them the idea of visiting a website, with 49% saying that this helped them decide on the store they visited with 47% influencing their choice of product.

In a brief statement from Unity Marketing President Pam Danziger she said, “Fashion marketers need to make strategic use of social media to build powerful relationships between their brand and these high-value customers. That will translate to a shopper’s like of a brand or becoming the mayor of a retail location into added revenues and profits.”

So as you can see, social media can have an affect on just about everybody!

Tell us whether you use networking sites or such to look and decide on your next purchase? Or are you an organisation that has taken on social media to exhibit your goods?