Facebook’s F8 Conference 2011: Unverified Information

Crikey, news surrounding social networking site Facebook has been coming in thick and fast today and with their F8 conference scheduled to take place in two days, there doesn’t seem any end to the articles. Launched back in 2004, Facebook has come a hell of a long way from its early days, based around Harvard University campus. Today user figures exceed over 750 million and the number is constantly growing, despite some still believing that the site has got a long way to go in rectifying privacy issues.

Until we hear official news from Facebook at the F8, we can only speculate on what we’ll about to give you. First up and we do have a little to tell you, it seems that the popular site will be implementing a new range of buttons to help with users sharing content between one another. Featuring high on Facebook’s agenda this time around, Pocketlint have reported that the buttons will be that of “read, listen, watch and want.” Although by the sounds of them, they seem fairly self explanatory we just wanted to check before we share them with you.

Benefits of having the new buttons in place, will allow users to read content on their wall with a view to then saying whether they have indeed read, listened or even watched what is on their news feed, the want button is reported to be coming along shortly after the trio. Other news indicates towards the “Poke” button disappearing and that Facebook will be celebrating a new music service, something of which we spoke about the other day.

There has been some speculation that Facebook and rival Twitter may be collaborating, allowing users to update Twitter feeds direct from Facebook. Currently the service is being offered but only part of it.

Other possibilities to come out of the F8 conference include as the guardian.co.uk reported, film and TV streaming as well as newspapers showing off Facebook products. Despite new rival Google+, Facebook are still at the top of their game but whether this carries on in the future remains to be seen.

Tell us what you would like to hear announced at the F8 event on Thursday? Of course updates to it will be posted on our site.