Samsung’s New “Galaxy Nexus” Excels Past iPhone 5?

As the fight for smartphone supremacy rages on, so does the influx of news. Rumors have been rife over what seems to be months and months now surrounding Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 and or iPhone 4S. With a launch now hoped for next month, we wonder how the new Apple device will fair with current devices and those just around the corner. One such smartphone is that of the Samsung Nexus Prime or “Galaxy Nexus” as its also been called.

Including a massive specifications listing, the new Samsung is expected to arrive sometime in November, so if the iPhone 5 should arrive next month, it will have a little head start. According to amongst others, news comes from a supposed source by the name of 4Chan who coincidentally has been removed suggests the new named Samsung as well as its features.

Running on what is rumored to be Android’s new 4.0 Ice Cream OS, although has stated it will be Android’s 2.4 OS, the Nexus looks to be the phone to have Apple quaking in their boots. Sammy’s new device will include a 1.5GHz dual-core Exynos processor, 1GB of RAM, a massive 4.65-inch Super Amoled Plus display, 16GB of internal storage with the addition of upping it thanks to the microSD card slot, with a possible bigger 2000 mAh battery compared to the global Samsung Galaxy S II.

In relation to the new iPhone 5, we are still a little confused by its specs, price and so on. Just in the last few days, the news has changed from hearing that Apple’s Foxconn were producing some 150,000 handsets daily leading us to believe that this was the iPhone 5. Then tail end of last week news filtered through that we would in fact be seeing the cheaper half spec’d iPhone 4S next month with the possibility that the iPhone 5 wouldn’t actually reach shore until 2012.

Before we leave you with this and your thoughts to the two in question, we wanted to tell you about the possible Samsung Galaxy III that’s in the pipeline. This is a device that we spoke about some time ago with a rumored 2GHz dual-core processor. Big chip provider Qualcomm are hoping to provide some of the biggest smartphone names with a 2.5GHz processor sometime towards the end of this year, beginning of next.

Give us your thoughts? Are you opting for an iPhone 5 or the possible Samsung Nexus Prime (Galaxy Nexus)?

  • Daniel Swanson

    First paragraph, third sentence: “fair” should be “fare.” Shouldn’t you Brits know your homonyms better?

  • Anonymous

    What rumor has started the Exynos processor? The majority of the rumors has been the TI OMAP.

  • Daniel Swanson

    Third paragraph: “Amoled” is an acronym (all caps– for Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode). Back to school with you, young lady!