LG Optimus Q2 Arrival: T-Mobile G2X Outdone?

If the choice of what smartphone to buy wasn’t hard enough, then a new device has now been added to the mix. Bring on the new LG Optimus Q2 as its currently known. Ok, so at the moment it may be hard for many of you to get excited over anything else other than the new iPhone 5 which is rumored to be coming along fairly soon, Motorola’s new Droid Bionic or even Samsung’s new Galaxy S II.

Taking over from its predecessor the Optimus Q which released last year and as Pocketlint stated, only really proved popular in Korea, the new LG addition is hoped to attract with its upped processor amongst other specifications.

LG may not be a manufacturer at the top of your list but its definitely worth taking note of the new Q2. Already compared to that of T-Mobile’s G2X, the new LG will come with a 4-inch IPS WVGA display. Including Android’s 2.3 Gingerbread OS, the Q2 will benefit from a 1.2GHz dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor as well as a 5 megapixel rear camera and VGA to the front and lets not forget the smartphone is that of a slider.

This year we’ve heard a little more from LG with their Optimus 3D smartphone and news that this too will be downsized next year to be somewhat thinner. Also back in August, our very own Debbie brought you news that the company were bringing out a new smartphone by the name of Optimus Sol, which is reported to feature an Ultra Amoled screen giving users the benefit of seeing the content even in the brightest of conditions. Click on the link to find out what other devices the company have got up their sleeves. Some of the upcoming phones will include either Android or Windows Phone OS.

In terms of the Q2’s actual release date and price, we will have to come back to you with additional information. Presently with so many smartphones battling it out, its a job to know which ones will do well and which devices will unfortunately just fade into the background.

What are your thoughts on the new LG Optimus Q2? Would you be interested or can you see it struggling against some of the big contenders already out there?