Social Media Engage “Discovery Channel” Users

For as long as we can remember, we have been bringing you news on the world of what is classed as “social media” and the way in which it can help individuals or organisations. Of course with the positives come the negatives but from past articles, it seems that social media when used in the correct manner can help.

When we talk about the two words, we are in fact looking into the use of networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and even professional site LinkedIn. All provide their own features but can help communicate with members of the public. If companies are trying to promote their brand, then these sites can help to do this and in the long term, customer bases will accumulate in numbers as will the revenue.

Today we focus our attention on what is known as the “Discovery Channel” on terrestrial TV. In order to engage new and existing customers, the platform is looking into its social media efforts with a view to possibly changing what is used and the way in which its presented to viewers.

In a statement from Vice President of social media communications at Discovery Communications Gayle Weiswasser it was said that, “ It’s part of everything we do, from our .com pages to our marketing plans. Our philosophy on social media is to use it as a platform that enhances the viewing experience and the relationship with the viewers.”

Engaging viewers is paramount to the channel and as well as being able to watch programmes around the clock, blogs, photos of the set and behind the scenes look, network and show pages can be accessed, along with networking sites being able to link directly to content on In total according to Mashable, Discovery possess some 70 Facebook pages, which in total equates to some 43 million fans which in turn rises by 500,000 every week, with rival site Twitter seeing some 20 official accounts with 2.4 million followers, not bad going!

One example of how social media and its viewer engagement has worked, is that of the recent Shark Week. On Trendrr with its social TV rankings, it became a trending topic with hashtag #1 for just one week. Over 750,000 tweets were posted with many talking about it leading to a rise in 60,000 followers. Fans of Shark Week were able to engage with the Photo Frenzy which was specifically set up allowing fans to post photos of how they would celebrate Shark Week. Over 600,000 page views and as our source quoted, more than 1,000 submissions with 80,000 views of the Photo Frenzy tab on Facebook were reported.

The special set up Facebook page saw a staggering 30,000 fans in just one day with 116,000 in a week. Some 6.8 million viewed posts with 18,000 “liking” it. Other platforms have also contributed to a rise in user traffic, this has been put down to an introduced app on devices such as the iPad and iPhone.

As well as the popularity of Shark Week, Discovery’s “Cake Boss” Facebook page is doing well for itself with posts being viewed 20 million times per month, 24,000 referrals and 191,000 page views every week straight from the Facebook page.

Let us know your thoughts on using social media in this way? Should others be following that of the Discovery Channel?